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Stop paying to offer financing to your customers! Our service is completely free and provides your customers with options to finance their project.

Close more deals, and get bigger projects.

Close more deals when customers without cash or equity needs funds. Close larger deals when your customers have easy access to more funds.

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Financing banners and content for your website. As well as printable marketing material to bring with you in the field.

Quick and easy setup!

Simply download our free web content and follow the setup instructions to get setup with a financing page for your website. Or, add a financing banner to your website that links to ours. Both will let your customers know you offer financing, and give them one-click access!

No Paperwork or Headaches

No scanning in documents, filling out forms, contractor liability, or worrying about complying with federal regulations. Direct your customer to us, and we do the rest.

Quick Turnaround

Pre-approvals in just seconds. Your customer can receive funds as soon as the next business day.

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Home Improvement Contractor Financing - Program Overview

Offering home improvement financing to your customers has become a crucial component in order to be competitive in the industry these days. Homeowners are increasingly asking for and seeking financing options for their home improvement projects. Offering financing to homeowners can in some cases be the difference between a closed deal, or a lost one. It can also be the difference between a $20,000 project, and a $30,000 project, simply by increasing a homeowners buying power.

Offering home improvement financing gives your business a competitive edge against competition, allowing you to sell affordable monthly payments, attract more customers, and ultimately grow sales.

Many contractors fear financing programs because they can be costly, tedious, or downright confusing. Fear not, because the FinanceMyProject contractor program is both simple and free. Your customers can apply in 60 seconds on any device with internet access. Within seconds, our lending partners deliver pre-qualified loan offers allowing your customer to compare rates and monthly payments, and move forward with their desired option.

Because FinanceMyProject has a network of multiple lending partners, there is a higher probability of your customer getting approved, and even having multiple loan options to choose from. Within just a couple minutes, you and your customer will know how much they qualify for, allowing you to move forward with business without interruption. By adding us to your website, your customers and prospective customers will know you offer consumer financing options, and can even pre-qualify themselves before talking to you.

So why wait? Download our content and add it to your website, and start offering home improvement loans to your customers today!

How it works...

1. Simple Website Integration,

As easy as copy and paste. Download our free financing web content, and follow the instructions on how to add it to your website. Going forward, your customers will know when they visit your website that they can finance their project with you.

2. Use Your Marketing Material

Use your website or our free printable sales sheets. Include the sales sheets with your proposals so your customers know they can finance their project, or take out additional funds!

3. Direct your customers to us when they need financing!

Direct your customers to us, and they can get pre-approved in seconds. They will receive the funds directly from the lender to pay you for your services! No paperwork, cost, liability, or headache for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most of our lending partners are able to fund within 5 days. Depending on the lending partner your customer chooses, they may be able to have their funds as soon as the next business day.
Our program is completely free for contractors. Just link your website to ours so your customers know you offer financing, and we do the rest. No paying points, no buying down interest rates, and no liability on your end for the loan. When your customer gets a loan from one of our lending partners, they'll have the funds to pay you with cash or check meaning no credit card transaction fees either!
FinanceMyProject is able to retrieve pre-qualified offers from our lending partners in just seconds. Full approval times can vary between lending partners. In some situations, lenders may request verification documents in order to make their final approval decision (ex. pay stub to verify income). In those cases, approval times are dependent on the applicant providing the requested documents.

Start offering home improvement financing to your customers today!

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